My name is Carolina Suárez. I studied Agricultural Engineering and worked for almost a decade in various NGOs focused on Rural Development issues, dissemination projects and training in Ecological Agriculture and livestock. But I never put aside my true vocation: natural and manual techniques aimed at improving health and quality of life.

I have always been aware that the hands are a wonderful tool and that they have enormous energy potential. Our hands, used with skill and intuition, are capable of helping others to feel better.

I gave my life a 180º turn, leaving everything behind, after going through a devastating psychological and physical stage of work. So, when I recovered, I decided to totally devote myself to manual techniques and body work.

I attended Chiromassage and Foot Reflexology courses (2006-2007), but none of those disciplines managed to excite or captivate me as much as when I learned about Shiatsu Therapy (I started going to Shiatsu sessions to alleviate anxiety attacks caused by unpleasant work situations).

I started training in Shiatsu (Namikoshi Style) in Valencia. After completing three training courses as a Shiatsu Specialist at the Shigeru Onoda School, I continued my training in Madrid. In 2008, I took an intense course on low back pain in Japan at the Namikoshi School in Tokyo, and for several years I attended various (more specialized) postgraduate courses in Shiatsu called Jyuku (Postgraduate I and II of Shiatsu, 2009-2011). At the same time, I was training in Auriculotherapy (2008), Japanese Lifting and Facial Reflexology (2008), Metamorphic Technique (2010), Dr. Bach Floral Therapy (2009-2012).

Apart from knowing and working on the Shiatsu Namikoshi technique with the master Shigeru Onoda, I have also been interested in discovering other types of Shiatsu (Masunaga, Zen). So, I have also studied with teachers such as Wataru Ohashi (2012, 2016) and Fulvio Palombini (2012).

My specialties are Shiatsu Namikoshi, Japanese Lifting / Facial Reflexology and Floral Therapy with Dr. Bach Flowers.

What is Bamboo Shiatsu?

Bamboo Shiatsu was born in 2006 and its basic philosophy is to accompany people so that they become aware of their own body and mind, and with it, help them improve their quality of life, and ultimately, make them happier.

To do this, in Bamboo Shiatsu, body awareness is achieved, and worked, with manual techniques such as Shiatsu and Japanese Lifting. In addition, I combine them with Floral Therapy, which is the perfect formula for a significant increase in well-being and quality of life.