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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a manual technique of Japanese origin that involves pressure from palms and fingers on all points and areas of the body. This pressure can be used to treat different problems such as stress, anxiety, back pains, stiff necks, constipation, menstrual pains, headaches, post-pregancy problems and so on.
Regular Shiatsu treatment has a preventive effect and maintains physical equilibrium once it has been achieved. Working on the whole body, it treats not only symptoms but also causes. The innate mechanism of self-healing that we possess is activated by this technique whose effectiveness will be more or less rapid, depending on the state of each patient, their age, their habits and their confidence in the treatment.
Shiatsu is a therapeutic technique that uses pressure, not friction.
For that reason no oil or creams are used and massage is carried out with the patient wearing comfortable cotton clothes provided during each consultation. Pressure with palms and fingers goes deeply into the organism.

The continuing Shiatsu therapy improves circulation, joints and flexibility. It can also help significantly to reduce stress, stiffness and muscular pains and even anxiety and depressive conditions.
It´s a perfect way to relax and escape from stress and routine..

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Japanese Lifting

This new neuro-sensory therapy brings youth and luminosity to the face and provides new energies to face the rhythm of daily life. Using a mixture of facial massages Japanese Lifting helps tone facial skin and tighten facial muscles.
Japanes Lifting is a new beauty treatment with a key aim: to offer the public a non-aggressive alternative that helps brake the effects of the passage of time on the face.
So, Japanese Lifting, originally conceived in the East, uses Facial Reflexology techniques as a primary tool for a face lift in a natural way, with all the steps carried out manually. Moreover the combination of reflexology therapy and lifting allows regulation of skin moisture and improves the physical, chemical and emotional condition of the entire body.

The most notable advantages of Japanese Lifting are:
-Wrinkles are reduced: in this way the face is improved so wrinkles are unnoticeable, but without changes to the physiognomy.
-The effects of the face lift are immediately noticeable (practically from the very first session).
-It is a painless treatment.
-It produces no swelling or inflammation.
-It can be repeated whenever convenient.
-It is a relaxing therapy which simultaneously acts on the entire body.

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