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If you are looking for a totally relaxing experience, to help you get back to a completely healthy state, you have come to the right place…

In Bamboo Shiatsu you can find the following techniques to improve your quality of life:
-Shiatsu Therapy
-Japanese Lifting and Facial Reflexology
-Dr. Bach´´s Flower Therapy

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu (指 圧) is a Japanese word that means “to press with the fingers”.
The Shiatsu technique comes originally from Japan and is a very subtle and perfected combination of Chinese acupuncture and manual pressure massage.

This pressure can be used to treat different problems such as stress, anxiety, back pains, stiff necks, constipation, menstrual pains, headaches, post-pregancy problems and so on.
Regular Shiatsu treatment has a preventive effect and maintains physical equilibrium once it has been achieved. Working on the whole body, it treats not only symptoms but also causes. The innate mechanism of self-healing that we possess is activated by this technique whose effectiveness will be more or less rapid, depending on the state of each patient, their age, their habits and their confidence in the treatment.
Shiatsu is a therapeutic technique that uses pressure, not friction.
For that reason no oil or creams are used and massage is carried out with the patient wearing comfortable cotton clothes provided during each consultation. Pressure with palms and fingers goes deeply into the organism.

The continuing Shiatsu therapy improves circulation, joints and flexibility. It can also help significantly to reduce stress, stiffness and muscular pains and even anxiety and depressive conditions.
It´s a perfect way to relax and escape from stress and routine.

What is a Shiatsu session like?

Shiatsu (Namikoshi style) is given with cotton clothing (pants, shirt and socks) that is provided in the consultation.
In the office, soft music, a pleasant smell, low lighting and the ideal temperature help make the sessions as therapeutic, beneficial and relaxing as possible.
The Shiatsu session lasts approximately 50-60 minutes. During that time, the Shiatsu therapist performs more than 1,500 pressures, relieving, draining, decontracting and relaxing the entire body. To receive Shiatsu you do not have to suffer any discomfort, pain or pathology. The healthier you are, the more beneficial are its benefits. Benefits. Likewise, Shiatsu Therapy is the best technique to find inner balance and improve your quality of life.


Shiatsu is more than a massage: it is a manual therapy that makes you feel good on the outside and inside. Your body and mind slow down to their usual rhythm and you enter a healthy state of calm, comfort and well-being.

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Thank you. 感 謝